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Black summer truffle. Price per gram.

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Also known as the Scorzone, the Black Summer Truffle may not be as prized as the winter Black Diamond, but its more delicate aromatic characteristics, its availability in summer, and its gentler price point make it the ideal truffle for the warmer months and for foodies who like to experiment with new food combinations.

Botanical name
Tuber Aestivum Vittadini

Average Weight
5-200 g / 0.2-7 oz

5-15 cm / 2-6 in

Oak, hazel, beech, black pine, poplar.

Collection period
May to November

The outer skin is rough and covered in small, black diamond-shaped projections, much like an alligator’s skin. The pulp is pale grey tending to hazel brown, with a marbling of white veins that do not change color when exposed to air.

More delicate in aroma and flavor than the more robust and precious Black Winter Truffle, it is sweeter and less musky, with woodsy and nutty tones.