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Truffle lovers

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Frequently Asked Questions

After I adopt my tree how long before it will start producing truffles?

Under ideal climatic conditions, truffle trees can start producing on average 5-9 years after planting.

How many truffles can my tree produce per year?

Truffles are a risky business and that is why they are considered one of the most expensive food products in the world. Depending on climatic conditions, competition from hunger critters (that are also in search of these fine tubers), and a lot of luck, their productivity varies from one year to the next.

What can I aspect for the first year of adoption?

Adopters will receive a foto and map of your selected sapling, an adoption certificate with gps coordinates and as a special gift, Guilietta’s gift box, filled with La Cerqua’s delicious truffle delicacies to tempt and satisfy every foodies palate.

Are all the truffles mine?

Absolutely! You have the choice either: to have your truffles sent to you*, or at the end of the season, we can sell them for you at market price and mail you the proceeds.

*with added shipping cost

What happens if my tree dies?

We will replace it in the same spot with the equivalent type and age of tree if possible. If not we will plant another similar tree in a new location.

What types of truffle trees can I chose from?

We have planted two types of indigenous trees for you to select from: Italian oak Quercus Pubescens or beech Ostrya Carpinifolia. Adopters then have the option to chose which sort of truffle your tree has been micronized with (micronization is when the roots of the sapling are impregnated with truffle spores) in this case either Tuber aestivum Vitt. (black summer truffle) or Tuber melanosporum Vitt. (precious winter truffles).


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