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White Autumn Truffle. Price per gram.

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This is it – the jewel in the crown, the diamond on the table, the most intense, sought-after taste experience there is. Invoking adjectives such as precious, authentic, and luxurious, its dominating, beguiling aromas of the Italian forest are justifiably prized by foodies and gourmets the world over.

Botanical name
Tuber Magnatum pico

Average Weight
8-500 g / 0.3-17.5 oz

5-25 cm / 2-10 in

Oak, poplar, willow, linden, hornbeam, cistus

Collection period
late September-December

The outer skin is rough with a bumpy, diamond-like texture, and darker than the summer variety. Inside the flesh is coffee-colored and marbled with white capillaries.

The most aromatic of all truffle species, the White Autumn Truffle has an intoxicating perfume, and when fully mature releases penetrating aromas of intense floral garlic, spices, musk and cheese, with hints of butter and honey.

Food suggestions
Given their powerful aroma, the White Autumn Truffle becomes the centerpiece of the meal, and should therefore be paired with simple, somewhat neutral flavors. Since its perfume diminishes with heat, it should never be cooked. Finely shave or grate over risotto, pasta or meat, as well as simple dishes like eggs, asparagus and mashed potatoes. Also pairs well with seafood, leeks, garlic, fresh soft cheeses and aged hard cheeses, winter squashes, bacon, light-bodied vinegars and herbs such as tarragon, basil and chervil. Use 7-10g per person.