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Also known as the Marzuolo or Bianchetto in Central Italy where it is revered, the White Spring Truffle is frequently compared to the precious Autumn variety, and while it has similarities to its more illustrious cousin, this Spring treasure has its own character that brings a refreshing versatility into the kitchen. Add in its economic price point and ready availability in springtime, and it’s an obvious option for those making their first foray into the truffle world, seasoned regulars looking for that touch of variety, and foodies that want truffles year-round.

Botanical name
Tuber Borchii

Average Weight
5-60 g / 0.2-2.5 oz

1-5 cm / 0.4-2 in

Hilly pine and larch forests, as well as broad-leaf forests.

Collection period
January to April

The outer skin is smooth, light in color, varying from whitish (bianchetto) to reddish brown with irregular dark brown patches. The pulp is light brown to hazel, interlaced with a network of white veins.

Sweet scent similar to the treasured autumn white truffle, but with stronger garlic tones and a sharp earthy flavor.

Food suggestions
Finely sliced and sautéed with butter and Parmigiano, it makes a delectable cream sauce or truffle butter to combine with pasta, risotto, meat, fish, or asparagus. Use it also as a garnish for toast and mashed potatoes, or try it with a creamy new-season pea risotto for a true taste sensation.