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Scrambled eggs with Truffle


6 uova fresche da allevamento a terra
Una noce di burro
Un pizzico di sale
40 gr. di tartufi bianchi autunnali freschi o conservati

2 Porzioni

Tempo di preparazione 5 minuti
Tempo di cottura circa 3 minuti
Tempo di cottura totale 8 minuti

DifficoltĂ  minima

‘The secret of ‘Uova Strapazzate’ is that the yolks must be just barely cooked while the albumin of the egg is cooked’!

In a non stick saute pan, add the butter and melt thoroughly. Break the eggs into the pan paying attention to NOT break the yolks. Add a pinch of salt. As the egg white starts to cook, with the help of a wooden spoon gently stir the egg whites around the yolks-careful to not break them (the egg whites are cooking and the yolk is remaining whole and not broken). When the white is cooked, toss the pan quickly back and forth over the heat to break the yolks-when the yolks are broken and the eggs have become tinted orange- the eggs are ready. Quickly turn off the heat and immediately divide between 2 pre-warmed plates. Generously shave the White Truffles over the uova strapazzato and enjoy while the eggs are still very soft. Serve with crunchy bread and a mixed green salad.