Salami with wild boar and black truffle


The unmistakable flavour of wild boar finds its perfect match alongside the tastiest of black truffles. Finely ground pork, wild boar and black summer truffles are combined and are cellar aged for 45-60 days creating a well balanced and luxurious salumi.

Approx. weight: 300 g.
Ingredients: Pork, wild boar meat (6.5% min.), Summer Truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.) 2%, skimmed milk powder, salt, sucrose, dextrose, pepper, garlic, flavorings, antioxidant E300-E301, flavor enhancer E621, acidity regulator E262, preservatives E250-E252. Inedible casing. Contains MILK. It may contain traces of sulphites.
Shelf life: Five month from maturing.
Storage: Refrigerated and dry environment.