Whole Precious Autumn White Truffles


Most prized among edible truffles is the Tuber magnatum Pico, a white truffle whose jewel-in-the-crown grows naturally in northern and central Italy, where it is harvested annually from around October to December. These sublime works of olfactory art are preserved in natural brine, which can also be used as a recipe ingredient. The truffle’s incomparable and instantly-recognizable aroma-flavor makes for a unique, indulgent gastronomic experience, whether used on risotto, pasta, meats, egg dishes, or in cream sauces. Recommended usage per portion: 15-20g.

Ingredients : White precious truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico), water, truffle cooking sauce (ie. White Precious Truffles, water, salt), salt, aroma.
Shelf life: 48 months from the date of packing
Storage: Closed at room temperature. After opening, keeps 7 days refrigerated (2-4°C).
No allergens.

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