Whole Precious Black Winter Truffles


Highly sought after for their gastronomic properties, black truffles have an aroma that speaks of its earthy origins with just a hint of cocoa, while their spicy flavor emerges along with just a touch of bitterness when added to recipes. Its most noted quality is that their aroma intensifies when heated through cooking, unlike its white brethren. Preserved in an all-natural brine, the black truffle pairs well with meat, fish, soups and risotto. Among its best-known recipes is Salsa alla Spolentina, a luxurious sauce for bruschetta, meat, game, pasta and fish. To prepare this treasure of the kitchen, gently mince the truffles along with their brine, combine with warm extra virgin olive oil and a tiny hint of garlic, adding salt & pepper to taste. Recommended usage per portion: 20-25g.

Ingredients: Black Precious Truffle (Tuber melanosporum Vitt), truffle cooking sauce (i.e. Black Precious Truffles, water, salt), salt, aroma.

Shelf life: 48 months from the date of packing
Storage: Closed at room temperature. After opening, keeps 7 days refrigerated (2-4°C).

No allergens

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